2015-2016 Workshop Schedule Announced!

Dear BAKE Members:
We are pleased to announce the line-up of workshops and events for the 2015-2016 season:
October 17: Triumvirate Workshop- Boston
November 6-7 Eastern Division Mini-Conference- Lancaster, PA
January 23: Denise Gagne- Boston
March 10-13: OAKE Conference- Long Beach, CA
April 9: Chapter Share- Boston


More details in the coming weeks, keep checking back and signup for the email list if you haven’t already to get updates as soon as they’re announced!


OAKE Eastern Division Fall Tune Up

Now that school’s almost over, what will you do with your time?  Write a session proposal for the OAKE Eastern Division Fall Tune-Up, of course! BAKE members are fantastic teachers with great ideas.  Here’s your chance to share some of them!

The original deadline to submit proposals has been extended to June 15, so take a break from writing those report cards and get started, or encourage someone else who has great ideas who you’d love to see present at this upcoming OAKE divisional conference closer to home!