2016-2017 Workshops

Folk Dances and Play Parties-A Sequence
Dr. Brian Michaud
Saturday, September 17th, 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Boston University

Make your classes come alive! In this workshop, participants will sing and dance their way through a sequential approach to teaching folk dances and play parties that are appropriate for kindergarten through middle school students. Just as with musical concepts, dance moves can be presented in a spiraling curriculum so that each grade becomes more confident and adept at performing folk dances. We will explore the musical and cultural significance of the various dances so that the students are not just “learning steps” but rather experiencing culture and gaining understanding of why folk dance exists. Integrated into the folk dance sequence is a music literacy component so that the play party material will fit well into a Kodály-based curriculum.

Dr. Brian Michaud teaches grades K-4, chorus, folk dance team, and bell choir for the Dighton-Rehoboth Public Schools. He holds a DMA from Boston University, Master’s Degree from the University of Connecticut, and his Bachelor’s Degree from Berklee College of Music. Dr. Michaud has taught at Boston University, and has directed and been on the faculty of the Kodály Music Institute at both the New England Conservatory and Anna Maria College. Being a teacher and professional musician, Brian has performed on percussion, guitar, piano and voice in a variety of settings from classical and jazz to rock and country. He has presented both at the state MMEA and national OAKE conferences and, in 2004, was a finalist for the Massachusetts Teacher of the Year. Outside of the music education field, Dr. Michaud is the author of a young adult fantasy book series called The Tales of Gaspar.

Assessing Students with Differing Needs in the Elementary General Music Classroom
Dr. Alice Hammel
Saturday, October 1st, 9 a.m. -1 p.m.
Boston University

Assessing students who learn differently requires a deep knowledge of sequence, and a willingness to create individualized assessment experiences. As Kodály  teachers, we have that sequential knowledge and a desire to meet the needs of our students. This workshop will focus on ways to incrementally sequence success and competency attainment for our students who learn differently. It will focus on students who struggle as well as students who exceed.

Dr. Alice M. Hammel is a widely known music educator, author, and clinician whose experience in music is extraordinarily diverse. She is currently affiliated with James Madison and Virginia Commonwealth Universities and has a large private studio in Richmond, VA. She is a co-author of several resources available through Oxford University Press including: Teaching Music to Students with Special Needs: A Label-Free Approach, Teaching Music to Students with Autism, and Winding it Back: Creating Individualized Instruction in Music Classrooms and Ensembles. She is Chair of the National Association for Music Education Task Force on Students with Special Needs. Her primary goal is to become a better teacher with each passing day.

Kodály Music Education: Myth Busters
Our Triumvirate Workshop with Cambridge Public Schools and the Kodály Music Institute
Saturday, November 19th, 9 a.m.-3 p.m.
Cambridge Rindge & Latin School

Our third workshop of the season is our Triumvirate workshop titled: Kodály Music Education: Myth Busters. This is a full day workshop that is in collaboration with Cambridge Public Schools, Kodály Music Institute and Boston Area Kodály Educators on November 19th. Cambridge teachers and students will be featured in the morning followed by repertoire and strategies session presented by Margie Callaghan, Co-Director of the Kodály Music Institute. This is a unique opportunity for people who are new to Kodály-inspired teaching and veteran teachers to review and refresh their practices while also seeing students who are already immersed in a rigorous program (Cambridge students have music 3 to 4 times weekly)! All are encouraged to come to see this special presentation!